Cruelty Free Cooking

Role: Level Designer
Engine: Unity, C#

My Contributions, tldr version;
Game, Level, Concept design, Level implementation.

Cruelty Free Cooking is a mashup game of 2 genres made in Unity for Ludum Dare 41. It is the ultimate mash up of cooking minigames and the ultra-violent hack ‘n slash genre. You can download and play the game from gamejolt here

You play as the hungry chef, and defend yourself from the wild potatoes, carrots and cheeses that roam the forest. Take their remains, deposit them to your cooktop and make the best of the situation by baking a delicious pie.

I had a fantastic time taking part in this project as it was my first game jam ever. I designed the level that the game would take place in, to allow a continuous flow of movement. I wanted the player to be able to keep moving around level and having everything connected and lead back to each other was the best way.

Over the hours of the jam, I grey boxed  the level first, before moving to texturing of the terrain and outside areas and assets placement. While I used asset store assets, it was important to me to get the right feel of cabin in the woods at dusk. I am most proud of the title screen as seen below as I worked with the lighting, skybox and assets to create a dusk peaceful scene before the player moves into a hack'n slash fest. 

main menu.PNG

While the level and game definitely could be improved upon, for the time available to myself and the team, I feel it was a great effort.

The Team

Daniel Troy - Lead Programmer
Louis Van Dyke - Designer/Programmer
Daniel Larsen - Sound Designer
Danyon Fitzsimon - Level Designer
Sam Vidler - 3D Artist

Ludum Dare Submission