Supply Run

Role: Team Lead, Level, Environment and World Designer
Engine: StarCraft II Editor (Galaxy Map Editor)

My contributions, tldr version:
Level Concept, Level design, world building, unit and environment asset placement and general mechanics implementation.

Supply Run is as custom StarCraft 2 Level with the goal of making as many supply runs to the front lines as possible.

Supply Run can be played by going to the Americas region of StarCraft 2 and searching QUT2016_Supply Run.

In Supply Run you must move your convoy from Point A to Point B and back again, transporting goods for the Terran War Effort. Along the route, your convoy can be attacked multiple times by Zerg units and you must protect your cargo/supply truck by manoeuvring and attacking with your escort vehicles. You can make up your convoy initially with ground vehicles but latter in the game with air vehicles as well. Other points of interest that will become available later in the level may include outposts, holdouts, checkpoints etc. On the completion of a run you will earn resources to upgrade your vehicles and requisition new vehicles to expand your convoy. The level features 1 major highway linking Point A and B, aswell as many other smaller roads and off-road tracks linking all points together. Dynamic events will also happen such the main routes will be cut off by debris and crashed ships etc forcing you to take alternative and more dangerous routes (although not many made it into the final level, cut due to time).

I really enjoyed this project and the subject of INB282 Level Design from University really got me loving level design in general. My main part of contribution for this level apart from the idea and general implementation, was the actual level design, environment and the world. I had an absolute blast building the areas of the level to tell a story without words on a visual level as well as scripting event to happen to build this self-contained world. I could and did spend hours in INB282 Level Design crafting this level’s environment and world as well as a few other design challenges set by the tutors. (If you ask nicely I can show you another level that is not released but definitely was my favourite to craft, from a level design, environment and world perspective).

The Level Design Document can be found here. I was solely responsible for section 2.0 Map and Level Flow in the document as well colabortating with the others for section 5.0 Planning and Schedule. 

StarCraft 2 Editor Files:

QUT2016_Supply Run

Bonus – Design Challenge 3 Level